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I'm confused please help!

So I don't post much, but I lurk and I've seen lots of posts about milk and sippy cups lately and I feel like I should have my LO on milk only and not a bottle so help me make the transition!

Last week:

7oz (bottle 7am)

Breakfast solids with juice/water 830 in a sippy

7oz bottle  11 am

Lunch solids with juice/water sippy 12

7oz bottle 3pm

dinner solids and water 530

7oz bottle 7pm

Last week i switched the two daytime bottles to 4oz each of cows milk with a light snack and he did fine, only problem is he wont drink the whole 4oz of milk out of a sippy. he *might* get an oz or 2.  he will drink the 4oz in a bottle though, however I would like to get him off a bottle totally as he will be a year shortly.

Suggestions? Should i get rid of his bottles totally and get get him a bigger sippy cup for his morning and nighttime bottles?


ugh :( 

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Re: I'm confused please help!

  • kg_08kg_08 member

    He doesn't necessarily have to drink it all down. DD has never drank cow milk like she would a bottle.. it's much more filling. We usually just offer the cow milk all through the day because that seems to work better for us. Also, cow milk really doesn't have THAT much nutrients in it.. the big things about it are the calcium and the "good fats" that he can also get from whole fat yogurt and cheeses, or things like olive oil, avocado, beans, etc...

    DD gets whatever ammount of cow milk she wants during the day, along with 3 meals and 1-2 snacks. Water she drinks like a fish too all day, and she gets a multivitamin every day.

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  • Sometimes we give our LO cow's milk out of the bottle. He hasn't quite mastered the sippy cup. My pedi said if we had trouble getting DS to switch to only give him good tasting (formula, milk, juice) from a sippy cup. Then if he throws a fit for a bottle, to make kool-aid without the sugar (I guess it's really bitter) and give that to him in the bottle. This way he associates the bottle with yucky tasting stuff and drinks from the sippy cup.
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