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Question on absorbancy??

So.. I know a lot of you use TT at night.  I put mine on LO the other day and it started to feel damp on the outside in less than an hour and a half.  Not soaked, but damp, and I felt like she had pretty well soaked a good bit of the inside.  She's 2 1/2 months old, and I'm worried she's going to be out of the absorbancy in her diapers too quick.  FWIW she also peed through a GM in one pee today (I was trying to use the big diapers to go coverless because she had some caustic poos the past few days and her bum was a little red, so we had a CJs and no cover day.  It wasn't leaking out the legs, but just soaked through because she peed so much.  It was a new GM I bought within the past few months.  Both diapers had all the inserts in them.

Do overnight diapers work because they only pee a time or two at night and the wool holds it all in?? Right now nights are around 7 hours but sometimes she wakes up dry, so I'm just curious (and I've been mainly using a few nb dipes with bamboo doublers and she saturates them, too).


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    I use a TT at night with a hemp babies doubler folded in half under the soaker in the front because DD sleeps on her tummy. I use Sbish knit or Royal Buns interlock wool over that. We can go 12-14 hours in that combo and the outside of the TT (not the wool) rarely feels more than slightly damp. I don't think DD is a heavy wetter though because she can go 2-3 hours coverless in a GM before it feels damp on the outside. I'm guessing that either your dipes aren't fully prepped yet or you have a very heavy wetter. Overnight dipes work only if they're absorbent enough on their own; I think of the wool as a backup layer, not an absorbent one. I think your best bet is to add hemp doublers to your TT for now and save up for a TT Night-night diaper when they come out next month. Those look AMAZING Smile
  • My son pees through a GM and a TT within one pee- he doesn't discriminate.  :)  For overnights, both fitteds work well for us.  We just add a doubler and pair with wool, which soaks up the excess pee that soaks through.  If your LO gets irritation from the pee, alot of people find that fleece liners in the fitted also help to wick moisture from the skin.  GL!
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