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walking before teeth

Anyone else have LOs who have no teeth at 10 months, and are walking around! lol. I just cant believe she walks already and then smiles her big gummy mouth at me. I want her to get teeth so she will reduce her insane teething, but then again i kinda enjoy not having to worry about teeth while BF still, lol.

BTW: am I supposed to brush her gums with a baby toothbrush? or jsut wait for teeth to come in.


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Re: walking before teeth

  • My DD is 10 months with  no teeth, but she isn't walking yet.  Thank goodness, the crawling is enough to keep up with.
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    Stop and smell the flowers



  • Same here...she walks with us holding her hands and doesn't "crawl" but certainly makes her way around.

    Our Pedi. told us at her 9 month appt. to just start putting a wet toothbrush in her mouth, just to get her used to the feel, etc.

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  • thanks ladies! ya, i cant believe she is walking at 9 months... she is CRAZY now! i thought crawling was bad, she is soo fast, lol. that plus she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth= one crazy tired momma lol .  I'll have to start the toothbrush now ... i am sure that will not go over too well ;)
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  • kg_08kg_08 member

    DD is 11 months. Still no teeth to be found, and just started walking.

    You can stick a wet wash cloth in there to kinda wipe around, even if just to get LO used to something like that in their mouth. I don't usually though.

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  • Yep, my DD is 12 months, no teeth, fully walking :) DS (who is now 9yrs) was walking at 10 months and didn't get his first tooth until 13 months!! Guess it runs in the family. They say the later the teeth come in the stronger. DS has had no cavities yet!
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  • DD has 8 teeth but won't walk or crawl at 9 and a half months....so I have the reverse problem
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