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Georgia and Noelle

Disregard previous post....bumping from an iPad blows.... Anyway, we've narrowed it down to two choices if this lo is a girl: Georgia and Noelle. Middle name will be Clara after my grandmother. I know Georgia Clara doesn't sound that great together, but we still like the fn enough to make it a contender. Thoughts???
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Re: Georgia and Noelle

  • Love, love, LOVE Georgia! Not a fan of Noelle. 
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  • Absolutely love the name Georgia. Noelle is just okay for me.
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  • Noelle for sure.


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  • I prefer Georgia over Noelle any day. Georgia Clara isn't a bad combo and it sounds nice and looks nice. You could also just go with Georgia Clare.
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  • imageforensicmama:
    You could also just go with Georgia Clare.


    That's a beautiful combo. 

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  • I love the name Georgia. I do think that Georgia Clare sounds better but since Clara has so much meaning behind it, I think that it will work fine.
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  • Love Georgia, obviously :). It's my middle name.

    I agree with PP that Georgia Clara doesn't sound so great, but I do like the ring of Georgia Claire! 

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  • I love Noelle. Georgia is growing on me. I don't either sounds good with Clara as a MN, though. I do like Clara Noelle.
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  • I love Noelle, I think I'd switch though and use Clara Noelle.


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  • Noelle Clara flows better than Georgia Clara IMO, but I don't care for the name Noelle :)


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  • Definitely Georgia! I love it! Although Noelle is a gorgeous name too!
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  • Ella85Ella85 member
    I prefer Noelle

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  • imagemj.reilly:

    I much prefer Georgia!

    I love the "Claire" names. DD's middle name is Clarie (family surname: claire-ee).

    Georgia Clara doesn't sound the best, but meaning trumps flow in my opinion. I do think Georgia Claire/Clare sounds better, though.

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  • I like both of them!  They are real names, but unique.  I'll vote for Noelle because it sounds better with Clara, but Georgia is nice, too!
  • why not use all 3 names? Georgia Clara Noelle
  • I LOVE Noelle- but my first DD is named Rory Noelle ;-) As for Georgia, it is ok, but sounds a little dated/southern to me.
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  • Another vote for Georgia!  I think you'd be fine using Georgia Clara.  Especially since Clara has familial significance.  Great name choices!   

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  • Noelle Clara.
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