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My LOs strange addiction

He eats paper! He loves it. I had been letting him play with rolled up paper. He liked the noise and it entertained him, so I figured there was no harm. Then on Friday, he pooped cardboard! I had never seen him actually chew any paper, but it was pretty unmistakable by the contents of his diaper, that somewhere he had managed to ingest paper. So I rearranged the office, and went through the whole house making sure there was no paper he could get to. Then today he chewed all the corners of one of his board books! Does anyone elses LO do this? I'm not sure if ingesting paper falls into the normal realm of things babies get themselves into, or if this could be seriously dangerous. He is so driven to get paper into his mouth. He even tries to grab the babywipes out of my hand. Maybe it means he needs fiber? I will ask the pedi when I see her this coming week, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this.
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Re: My LOs strange addiction

  • Chewing on and eating paper is normal baby behavior. :) Ian will eat anything he can get his hands on, and paper is definitely a favorite of his as well. I try to keep it out of his reach, but so far the amount he has eaten hasn't killed him.
  • my LO LOVES paper, he loves to rip it crinkle it, chew it, and do anything he can with it. at least i know hes not the only one
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  • Mine likes paper towels. She rips it up into little pieces and then you can see the bits hanging out of her mouth. Never found any her poop yet though lol.
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  • MrsSRMrsSR member
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    Yes, DD likes any paper product.  Her board books, Kleenex, newspaper, books, etc.

    She tears it and eats it.

  • Sounds normal to me. DD loves any and all paper products. She has for a while.
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  • Yes, Isaac LOVES it. I can't figure out how he gets a hold of it, I'll look up and he'll randomly had a piece hanging out of his mouth.. 
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  • Lol, I'm glad were not alone. I totally overlooked paper when I did the initial babyproofing of the house.
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  • Ha!! My girls grab the diaper wipes all.the.time.  I can't get them away before they have at least one in their mouth.  Totally normal.
  • I thought it was cute albeit frustrating until he found the book shelf and went after all of my books. I noticed he liked to throw all the books off so I let him have at it because that kind of mess is easy to clean up and then I noticed he was trying to eat and rip out the pages. I said "No!" and he watched me seeing if I was really going to get up and come get him and then decided he didn't care and went back to eating the book.  He's never going to take me seriously if I keep laughing when he does that stuff.
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