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Feeling awfully vain.

I've noticed new stretch marks every day and I just want to cry over them.  It feels selfish and silly but I still can't stop thinking about them.  I put lotion and bio oil on twice a day and have researched Mederma before and after pictures online.  I'm afraid I'll look like a disaster in a bathing suit from now on out.  I know there are bigger problems to have, but I can't help but be upset over this.  Anybody feeling the same?  
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Re: Feeling awfully vain.

  • Sooooo right there with you. Crying   I have been using Palmer's and they are STILL coming through.  My husband is awesome and tells me over and over they will fade, not to be upset, etc...but it SUCKS.  I hear ya.
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  • With my DD, I remember feeling so thankful at 30+ weeks that I didn't have stretch marks yet - and then one day I looked in the mirror head-on.  The complete underside of my belly was a red spider web.  Horrible.  I cried - it is a completely normal reaction!

    I was convinced that my belly would never be the same again.  And although it didn't completely go back to how it was, the red faded to white, and the white faded to skin tone.  There were still visible upon close examination, but if I had taken the time to truly tone my abs, I would've gone in a two piece without a second thought.

    There is still hope for you, the stretch marks may very well fade after LO's arrival

  • I didn't get any stretch marks with my first pregnancy until the last week or so, when I just got a couple of small ones sort of on my hips. I was soooo upset by them (somehow I thought I'd avoid them completely!), so I completely understand where you're coming from; however, like previous posters mentioned, they really do fade. You have to look very, very closely to even see mine now. I know it's hard to watch them develop, but it will be ok!
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  • There isn't anything that you can do to prevent them ... no oil, lotion, or cream will do the trick.  Some women start getting them right away, some in the middle, some near the end, and some get them even postpartum.  They fade over time and you can buy a different style suit to wear in the future if you are still self conscious.

    I would try to embrace them as they are completely worth it.

    Just remember that there are so many women out there who would take stretch marks, the worst of pregnancy symptoms, and would give their left arm just to have a child.

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