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Too much TV.

We have been watching way too much TV lately, and tonight...sigh...too much to choose from!  The DVR will have to be working.

1) It's Shark Week

2) Big Brother (yes, SHAMEFULLY, I'm addicted and have been for a LONG time - many years)

3) True Blood

4) The good ole FOX lineup with the Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy...

Choices, choices.....Embarrassed

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Re: Too much TV.

  • You know you watch TV when both DVR's are recording their 2 programs and you have to go in another room to not miss something you want to watch. And I am so with you on the Big Brother thing! Love it--I get drama vicariously through them. Then my life is drama-free.
    Mommy to Acklin James 10/29/11
  • I'm glad I have Uverse now so I can record 3 shows and watch 1. I don't think it's come to that yet, but I'm sure when I'm on maternity leave I'll find new shows to watch lol
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