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the more diapers I use the more confused I get!

really need to buy some diapers. we've been using KL0'S with thirsties duo wraps since birth. the KL0's are rented and have to go back. they system of fitted + cover works fine, but I'd like to simplify things and use an AIO, AI2 or pocket. 

I am currently in the midst of a 2 week trial. I have tots bots easy fit, BG 4.0 and elementals, grovia AIO, RaR pocket, swaddlebees econappi, fuzzibunz, and a thirsties duo. I also own a bunch of grovia AI2's that I've just started to try out as well.

the only person I know IRL who CDs has only grovia AI2's and loves them. has used them pretty much from birth until now - her LO is 1.5 yrs old.

so far I think I really like the tots bots, the grovia AIO and AI2's and maybe the BG elementals and 4.0's. can't really tell if I like one more than another though. and I don't want to make the wrong decision and buy too many of something I'll wind up hating/not using. 

how much did your likes change over time as your LO grew? any pros/cons - likes/dislikes about the above brands??

help me decide.  it's stressing me out and I think I am making it more difficult than it needs to be. I don't want to wind up not buying any and then have no diapers and need to use disposables. or maybe I should do that and keep experimenting (do more trials) until I find something I love?? 


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Re: the more diapers I use the more confused I get!

  • Sometimes I think those trials send too many brands.  Then it's hard to figure out just what you like/dislike about them.

    We didn't do a trial.  I "blindly" bought 12 BG 4.0s, 6 BG Es, 1 Flips day pack (cotton) and 6 FB OS.

    I love the 4.0s and BG Es, but didn't care for the FBs.  So I sold them. The Flips are good but I don't grab for them much. The BGs were easy to deal with as I transitioned into CDing. I do use them most when I'm out of the house.  They are also easy for DH to use. 

    I have now ventured out and bought 4 GMD workhorse fittteds, 1 WCW soaker, hemp babies inserts, GMD hemp inserts, 1 goodmama, 1 B4, 2 small Sbish, 3 medium Sbish and 1 other WAHM zorb contour type fitted.

    Now I have the pockets for ease-of-use, but the fitted and wool for naps, nighttime or around the house.  

    Maybe if you could pick 2 or 3 kinds that you like to start out with, then build and customize the rest of your stash as you go, it would be less confusing.  Or make a list of the ones you like and dislike that way you can see the pros and cons on paper.  


  • Why not keep all the ones you like? I don't see the problem. I have a variety of styles and brands, and use them all in my rotation.
  • MrsDink is sending you in the right direction :) I too bought blindly in the beginning. I started with some prefolds, covers, and Lil Joey's loaned from a friend and 18 BG's that I bought because they were on sale. Personally I think BG's function perfectlyl, but I happen to kind of loathe stuffing pockets... so I use those on our toddler for out and about. Since then I've added Grovia's (which work great for our youngest), Rumparooz (their OS is a smaller fit for babies inbetween NB pockets and OS) wool and substantial stash of fitteds. All of them have their time and place in our stash. 


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  • image Dr.Loretta:
    Why not keep all the ones you like? I don't see the problem. I have a variety of styles and brands, and use them all in my rotation.
    I agree with this. I use different styles for different occasions (i.e. fitteds and covers overnight, pockets and AI2s for going out, prefolds at home, etc). I also don't have many duplicate brands because I like to test new brands out. But to each their own- I understand that might be more overwhelming/confusing for some.
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  • I don't have a huge stash, but I'm getting there.  I bought 4 BG's, 5FB, and 15 momma kitty pocket diapers(I love these, but I despise stuffing the pockets).  I am finding I really like the ai2, and aio made by wahm and purchased on hyenacart.  They are so simple and I love the  cute prints.  DH loves the BG's because I have aplix, he doesn't like the FB or the momma kitty diapers. I need to destash some and buy more of the aio and ai2 because that is what I reach for daily.
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  • With DD, my preferences definitely changed over time. I started out liking pockets, but a few months into CD'ing (we started when she was 15 months old), she became a super heavy wetter. AIOs worked better for her than pockets, and fitteds or prefolds under wool covers worked best of all.

    With DS, my preferences haven't really changed over time. I've always liked prefolds because they're cheap, and pockets because they're easy. So, pretty much from birth, his stash has been primarily prefolds + BG pockets. I do have a few fitteds for overnights, and I've also started a stash of Best Bottoms for traveling... but those are "nice to have's" for sure, not necessities.

    Regarding the diapers you mentioned, Dream-Eze AIOs (which were the predecessor of GroVia AIOs) were one of my go-to diapers for DD, as they were one of the few non-fitteds/prefolds that could hold her. I still have one Dream-Eze and one GroVia, but I barely use them for DS, because pockets hold him just fine.

    I tried GroBaby's (predecessor of GroVia AI2's) late in DD's diapering days/early in DS's, but didn't like the fit.

    Organic BG AIOs (predecessor of BG Elementals) were my other go-to diaper for DD. Again, I still have them, but barely use them for DS. I'm just scared to get rid of them because I worry he's going to turn into a heavy wetter like she did!

    BG 3.0 and 4.0 pockets make up the bulk of DS's stash, and they are great. Especially the 4.0's, which have much better velcro, and easily fit DD all the way till nighttime training at 3.5 years old. (She outgrew the 3.0's a few months before.)

    I would say buy what you like now, and if your preferences change over time, you can always sell what you have and buy new stuff.

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  • image Dr.Loretta:
    Why not keep all the ones you like? I don't see the problem. I have a variety of styles and brands, and use them all in my rotation.

    This. There is no rule that your entire stash needs to be one type/brand. I actually enjoy having variety in my stash. Some diapers are more absorbent when you need it, some diapers are more trim when you need them for certain outfits. And as your baby grows what you like might change so buying all the same diaper isn't always a good idea. Get a mix of the ones you like so far.

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