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I'm in trouble now...

DS just did two push ups!! He refuses to figure out how to roll from his back to his tummy, but apparently is strong enough to support all his weight to do a push up.
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Re: I'm in trouble now...

  • Who knows maybe he will be crawling before he is rolling that way. That is exciting!!
  • Aw!  Yeah my little guy has been rocking on his hands and knees for about a week... he hasn't quite figured out the coordination of moving but it is so cute to watch!  He seems too little to be moving!
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  • You may still have time! My LO was up on all fours rocking by early/mid June but didn't start inch worming across the floor until mid July and didn't start crawling until last week.
  • Yeah, he's not on all 4's yet, but was up on hands and toes. Body completely off the floor! DH saw the first one and yelled for me to come into the room. Then he did it a second time before flipping out to eat since he saw me. So exciting!
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  • Both of my boys have/had no desire to roll, they both skipped it and went straight to crawling :)  So every time I went/go to the Dr. and they ask/asked are they rolling I failed/fail that one.
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