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Gift for a 1 year old girl

I barely know the parents but we are obligated to go to the little girls birthday party because MIL is best friends with the baby's grandmother.  

What would you get?  I was thinking some books from bn up to $25 

Re: Gift for a 1 year old girl

  • I really like Melissa and Doug toys (they vary in ages, but it tells you on the boxes). You can get them a Kohls for a good price.
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  • Books are always great, if you are looking for other ideas...

    DD's favorites from her 1st Birthday are all available at Target for less than $20: (she loved them then, and still plays with all of them now)

    Tea Set

    Circo brand baby doll (for some reason I can't find it on Target's website)

    Fridge farm

    Not available at target, but high quality play food 

    ETA: a 4th gift because the PP reminded me :)

  • Books are great, but it's hard to know what parents already have (a gift receipt solves this). DD loved The Going to Bed Book, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Are You My Mother at this age (and still does).

    Another idea:

    Leap Frog Chat and Count Phone (she loved this - kept her very entertained in the car) - at Target for $15

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  • A couple of DS's favorites around that age were the Playskool Ball Popper and the FP Laugh and Learn Kitchen.  Both are sold at Target




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  • At that age, DD loved her laugh and learn purse, and the tea set that was already mentioned.
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  • Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles and Fridge Phonics are my go to gifts for that age.
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  • I just had to buy a gift for a one year old girl also. I found a little stuffed dog that sings (abc's, bedtime songs, etc.), talks, and is supposed to be able to learn her name and say it. I believe it is made by leap frog, but I bought it at Kohls. I can let you know after this weekend if it was a success.
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