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vent: inlaws

So DH's dad and his wife are almost completely absent from our lives. we get cards from them sometimes, but we haven't talked to them in probably 5 years, haven't seen them in even longer. They live out of state and have 4 little kids.

then today's FIL's wife calls me. She has never called me. I've only met her once 7 years ago. And she gives me a lecture about wearing my baby. And the thing is- I have a sling and a Baby Bjorn and I do use them. I was nice and talked to her and mentioned several times that it would be nice if FIL could come and meet his granddaughter sometime. I think it was probably really uncomfortable for her to call me..

ugh. they are all so weird. it is probably good that they don't contact us much, because she would probably get all over me for our parenting style.

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Re: vent: inlaws

  • What a strange thing for her to do...

    Maybe she won't call back?


  • efooeyefooey member

    sounds confusing, strangers telling you not to use the bjorn, family telling you that you must use it.  Why do so many people think they can tell us how to raise our kids?  Unsolicited advice sucks!


    Simon and Lucy

  • That's really strange.  I wonder if she really wanted to lecture you or she just didn't know what to say?
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