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Falling asleep alone

Once your baby started learning to do this, did sleep improve? DD just fell asleep in her crib, alone, for like, the first time ever. She is also a notorious 30 minute napper. So I am just hoping against hope that if she can put herself to sleep initially, then just maaaaybe she can get over that 30 minute business.

She also has a weird tendency to wake up at weird intervals in the night. Sometimes an hour after she goes down, then an hour later, then like, 5 hours later. 

I am vowing to continue doing this. I cannot revert back. I would just love for her to learn this on her own before I have to turn to Ferber!!!!! 

It's been alllmost 30 minutes, we're about to find out....

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Re: Falling asleep alone

  • ReeseMReeseM member
    Fail. 30 minutes.
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  • acesupacesup member
    our DD was already STTN consistently 10-12 hours when she started going to sleep on her own. we had been rocking her. we just started a very strict routine one night and after a few nights of the routine and rocking her we stopped rocking her and put her down. she has been putting herself to sleep ever since. we never had to do ferber. granted sometimes we have to sit in there until she is alseep or at least drowsy but its a huge improvement. she is still rocked for naps though. she'll nap for about 30-40 minutes at daycare but on the weekends she usually naps between 1 and 2 hours. but it has not changed how long she sleeps for. i think some babies are just cat-nappers - my mom says my sister was like that. 
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  • PenDunPenDun member
    Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. DS is also a 30 minute napper, but sometimes if I can get to him right when he wakes up at 30 minutes, I am able to soothe him back to sleep. And then he'll nap for another hour or so. Doesn't always work, but it's worth a shot.
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