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First Anniversary gift?

DH and I are coming up on our first anniversary soon. What did you guys get your DH for your first wedding anniversary? Traditional gift is paper. And I'm not working, so I've got to keep cost in mind, too.
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Re: First Anniversary gift?

  • we just had our first anniversary too.  "paper"- we went to a concert. lol.  DH also had one of our wedding photo's put into a nice frame. 
  • My DH enjoys cigars every once in a while. So I bought him one and a cutter with his initials on it. Maybe you could make him a coupon book like free back massage and stuff.
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  • DH and I like to drink wine together so I got him a wine journal.  We also did traditional but I didn't want to do the same boring stuff.  DH loved it.  We could put what wine we shared, the date, what was going on at that time, etc.  It is really neat because it will end up journaling part of our first years together by wine!  He looks forward do writing everything each time we open a bottle.  There are some parts there that we don't really fill out (we aren't wine snobs or anything!!) but it is really fun.

     2nd anniversary is coming up...cotton...this will be a hard one!  Good luck!

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  • This might not help you but I'd love to share mine. 

    1. paper = signed papers to buy our first house together.

    2. cotton = personalized t-shirt and some nice sheets

    3. leather = a glider rocker/recliner club chair for our bedroom

    4. fruit and flowers = planted trees and started a garden

    next year for 5. wood we're going to put in a shed.   I think it's fun to do.  It makes you think (leather for example) and I can remember all of our anniversary gifts.  :)

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