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Question about using formula with a BF baby

DS is BFed and has just started solids in the past month.  The only time he has formula is on the very rare occasion when we're out and about and he gets hungry but it's a really difficult time or place to BF.  And once in a while if I leave him with DH and he drinks the pumped milk but needs more.  It's probably happened only a handful of times in his life.  Anyway, a few days ago, I went grocery shopping spur of the moment and forgot that DS would be due to eat while I was gone.   So DH found a small can of Similac (it was a sample one) and made a bottle from that, since I only had frozen milk.  The can says to use it up within a month.  I usually don't give DS formula regularly, so it'll just go to waste.  I was thinking that i could use it by using it in place of BM in the mornings to make DS's cereal or oatmeal.  Do you think this is okay?  He's never had a reaction to it before.  I just hate to waste a whole can of formula. 
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Re: Question about using formula with a BF baby

  • I used to do that when she still ate baby cereal.  I never used BM to mix cereal since it seemed like a waste of milk for me.  I always used formula since we're in the same boat as you.
  • I thought it had something to do with breeding bacteria after 2 months? idk. We only FF for about a week and pedi said to make sure we pitched the rest of it after 2 months. 

    I don't know if this helps, but I know that Enfamil now has little individually wrapped pre-measured bags of formula you can buy. It's probably a little more expensive, I assume, but if they're sealed then LO's safety would be worth it. 

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  • I had the same situation. I had to leave dd with my son's dayhome lady on Friday while I took him to a dr appoinment. So I left a can of unopened Formula just in case. She had to open it and use some, so I've been making 1 oz and adding it to dd's bottle at night along with 3.5 oz of bm. It has been going good so far. I don't want to waste the Formula even though I got it on sale. I would think adding it to cereal is a good use of it. I will be doing this too once we hit 6 months. GL
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