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WWYD..Re:Bachelorette NBR....

Ok so one of my BFFs is getting married and I am one of 3 bridesmaids including her sister and a friend (who I don't know well) from college...The bridal shower and bachelorette are next weekend and I'm excited except I am worried that I may have to sell my LO  on the black market in order to pay for it : /  

I have made an effort to be involved with the planning bc I wanted to help but also so that I could direct it towards an affordable end so I planned part of the night.  The problem is my friend and her friend from college have $$$...(I do not at the moment) and I get an e-mail with the itinerary for the bachelorette and it has gotten SUPER pricey.  I'm feeling really awkward bc I don't want to be the wet blanket about not being able to afford things but it's the reality!  There's a chance that her friend may be covering the majority of the cost for the part she planned but I'm worried that all of a sudden I'm going to be asked for a couple hundred dollars and I'm not going to be able to deliver.  As it is, I have to fly back and forth (twice) for this wedding on top of gifts for shower, bachelorette, wedding etc...what to do?!

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Re: WWYD..Re:Bachelorette NBR....

  • Tell that friend straight up about how the expenses are piling up.  Especially for the fact that you're flying back and forth twice.  I would completely understand if I was the friend.  But you should let her know before she expects you to split all the expenses.  Maybe you guys could figure out a way to scale it down a bit. 
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  • speak up, your friend should understand.  i'd talk with the bridesmaid who planned everything, and just flat out tell her, i can only contribute X towards this.  that way there's no surprises for anyone involved.  I'm in a simmilar situation and that's what i had to do.  money is tight for us, but i offered to bake for the shower, so i'm still contributing something, but not neccesarily $$ i don't have.

    hope it works out for you!

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