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Heartburn + Vomiting + BH(?)

I had a new experience last night and was woken up from a dead sleep with what felt like a tightened abdomen and a burning pain below my sternum (which I hear might be heartburn....?).  I felt awful and got up and threw up everything in my stomach.  After that, everything calmed down, and I felt the baby kicking, so I decided to hold off on calling my doctor.  I'm feeling mostly normal this morning, but was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this as well.  I'm about 24 weeks.


Re: Heartburn + Vomiting + BH(?)

  • That does sound like heartburn and bad heartburn can cause vomiting.  I've had heartburn and braxton hicks for months now and my dr said neither is anything to worry about unless you get the BH become regular and closer together.
  • Same here.  My heartburn got so bad a couple weeks ago, I couldn't keep any food down.  I did natural remedies until they didn't help anymore and now I take Zantac.  I get BH a couple times a day, especially if I'm dehydrated. 
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  • I almost threw up last night as well. Figured it was heartburn, glad to hear this might be the case. It sure freaked my daughter out to see me run to the bathroom and when I told her I thought I was throwing up she freaked even more, and told me yet again, she is NOT going to get pregnant. Ever. She's 5 :) 
  • I have had the same thing for about 3 weeks now. Heartburn is so bad, goes up to my ears... or least it feels that way. Pepcid in the morning helps. I am vegetarian, and have noticed that eating more than one serving of soy per day will make it really bad.
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  • Thanks for all the replies - I'm a veg too, so I'll keep my eye on the soy as well :)
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