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Funny (but gross) story.....

Yesterday we took the kids to a water park for the day. 

While we were there DD:

1. Peed in the "car wash" (a little thing the kids go in to get "washed" like a car)

2. Pooped in her bathing suit while running around

When we got home:

1. DD peed all over the floor and DS stepped in it, fell, and was also covered in pee

2. We get the kids in the tub asap and 2 seconds later, DS poops in the tub.  We grab them both out of the tub and DS continues pooping right on the floor.

DD is potty trained and rarely has accidents but tends to hold her poop and has to be reminded to go pee so when she's really having fun/distracted these things occasionally happen.  We had a great time despite all the bodily fluids but too bad it had to be such a sh!tty day!

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Re: Funny (but gross) story.....

  • When it pees it pours, so to speak.  I've had days like that too. 

    Last Sunday DS took off his diaper and peed in the garage, I took him inside to wash him off.  When I turned around, he was saying "I poop on the floor" and sure enough, he had. 

    SAHM to DD1 (7), DS (5) and DD2 (1)
  • Wow, that's a lot of poop and pee in one day!
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