ds 3rd birthday

Firday was ds birthday, I wanted to share our journey with all of you as I reflect on it every year on his birthday.

 I had turners syndrome and can not have children without help from a donor egg. Hubby and I completed 3 cycles using a donor. 2 resulted in m/c and 1 didn?t take at all. I always knew adoption was an option but I wanted to try with a donor first.

After a yr. of fertility treatment we moved on to adoption. We started with our home study/ paperwork in June ?07 with one agency. In Feb.? 08 we switched agencies since it would be easier with the laws in our state. At the end of April ?08 we were matched with a baby boy to be born on May 5th.  Birth mom went into labor a week early and we went out to meet her and her mother, but before we meet them she decided to parent.

We were crushed but continued our journey. In the middle of June we were matched again with a little boy due at the end of July.

So 2 days before birth mom?s c section we took the drive out since she wanted us to be there with her. We went to the lake and enjoyed ourselves the day before.

On the day of the c section we went to the hospital and meet birth mom and her mother. The hospital was very accommodating and even gave us a room. Birth mom did not want to hold or care for our son and asked to do it. She told it us it felt like she didn?t give birth but her best friends did! We love her so much for the gift she gave us. I know she is a wonderful mother to her daughter but could not handle a second child on her own. We said our goodbyes and have sent her updated but have yet to hear back from her.  

So happy 3rd birthday to the best little guy in the world and many blessing to his birth mom we will be forever grateful.

Re: ds 3rd birthday

  • Thank you for sharing your story.  Happy Birthday to your son!!


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  • Happy 3rd Birthday! Three is such a fun age!!

    Thanks for sharing your story too!

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    Thanks for sharing your story.  Each new story gives me a hope that someday my child will find me :)
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