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So confused

I went to l&d yesterday bc I thought I was having light contractions, they checked everything out and told me that my cervix was closed and that everything was fine. Im just a little confused bc the dr asked when my next ob appt is and I told him august 15, he said that was too far off and for me to call and get an appt this week. If everything is fine and im not in pre term labor why do they want to see me back so soon? Oh btw, I am 29 weeks and 3 days.

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  • i would think anytime you go to L&D you would follow up with your Dr. and get checked out.  i would call first thing tomorrow morning and make an appt.
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  • Yeah, that makes sense but this is the first time they have told me to follow up and I have gone in before. Im just really worried about going into pre term labor. I have a feeling that this baby is going to be early.
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    after 28 wks women usually are going every 2 wks...I'm guessing he thought that by waiting until the 15th, it'd be too long since your last visit? when did you last go?
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  • My husband is in the Army and I go to base for all of my care. At the ob on base they dont start having patients come in every two weeks until 36 weeks, my last ob appt was July 18th. With my last pregnancy they never checked me, I had to go to the er just to get checked, and sure enough I was already 3 cm at 37 weeks. Sorry if thats a little off topic, im just pissed bc my ob care sucks!
  • Its no need to worry. The same thing happened to me @ 25 weeks. False labor pains. They(doc) just feel to mointor you sooner then the 15 because to have updates. Just to make sure your cervix is still closed!!!




  • I went in at 27 weeks to L&D and they had me follow up with my dr that next day since my appt was a few weeks away. I think that's pretty normal...maybe in other instances it was a different on call dr so they didn't have you follow up or felt that there was no need. I would call your OB tomorrow and schedule an appt asap, especially if you feel like you're going into labor early or are having contractions.

    I would look at it as a plus...they want you to be monitored and are not just shrugging you off until your next appt. My 2 week appts didn't start until 32 weeks and then weekly at 36 weeks. Every practice is different.

  • Thanks ladies! That makes me feel a lot better. I hope my cervix is still closed and no contractions. Wish me luck!
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