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Birth Control

Hey ladies, I was taking the depo shot for about 9 months and decided to switch to a pill.. Mainly thanks to not being able to lose weight despite exercise and dieting, also I want the shot to start getting out of my body (could take a while)... My OB gave me Beyaz, has anyone taken this? What did you think? Today is day #1..

Thanks in advance!!! 

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Re: Birth Control

  • It worked fine for me. I just hate taking BCP. I took them for about 10 years and I'm over them now. I'm pretty sure I'm getting Mirena once I'm done BF.
  • I hear ya about trying to loose this baby weight! OMG I have been on the Depo shot too for 9 months. and I can't get under 145lbs...I really want to get back down to my 126 that I was before I got pregnant...My dr appointment for my next shot is Friday 8/5 should I ask what else I can take that wont keep this weight on me? I am BF also walking/dancing...nothing working..
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