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DH cut his own hair...

He's been doing it himself for months, ever since I stopped doing it.  He kept complaining that it hurt when I did it and I got sick of being yelled at for trying to help.  It's hair, how can it hurt?  Anyway, he's been doing a fine job for months.  He keeps his hair really short and buzzes the whole thing.  Only today I guess he decided to get creative and he did the sides of his head really short, almost bald.  It's almost like a skunk effect.  I tried to help him blend it a little better, but it still looks really strange.  It's not like he slipped and made a mistake.  It's clear that he meant to do it.  It looks symmetrical.  I don't think I have the heart to tell him.   Would you?  Or just let it be?  His hair grows pretty quickly so in a few weeks, it'll probably look back to normal. 

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Re: DH cut his own hair...

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