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How long was your LO in a high chair?!

I just bought DD (she is about 4 months old) her first high chair. I just put it together and am already having second thoughts. I bought a high chair that was not a convertible type ( meaning goes into booster later on). I figured we would get good use out of this, and it was inexpensive, and when the time came we would get her a booster. Now I am wondering how long do kids sit in a high chair for?! Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. TIA!
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Re: How long was your LO in a high chair?!

  • We switched to a booster this past spring/late winter, so a little less than 2.5 years old. DD always sat in her high chair at the table with us and she's always been pretty content to sit still for meals, so we didn't have any reason to switch her earlier.
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  • When she was just about 1 year old.  But I now use the high chair at a vacation home.
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  • I switched my son to a booster at 18 months. His sister needed the high chair at that time.

  • Both my kids wanted to sit at the table around 15 months so they used it for only about 10 months each?? Give or take.
  • DS switched to a booster at the table at 16 months.
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  • DD is 2 and still in her high chair.  I keep it on the lowest setting and push it up to the table for meals.  I push it to the room I am at and use the tray for snacks or coloring when I'm doing stuff around the house.
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  • Jackson's almost 18 months and still in a high chair.  He could use a booster but it's cleaner if he doesn't.
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  • DS sat in his high chair until just about a year, then moved to a booster until 22 months, and now just sits on the regular chair.
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  • None of my kids sat in a highchair or a booster past age 2.
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  • DD is still in a high chair and she's 18 months. Ours converts to a booster (we have the Graco Blossom 4-in-1), but I don't think she's quite ready for us to convert it yet.
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  • DS's been in the FP healthy choice booster since ~10 months - it has a tray so it can be more high chair like when they're younger and around 1.5 we just started pulling it up to the table since he was tall enough.  He was a late sitter - I think most kids would be fine in it earlier than that.  We had a Summer Infant booster like chair that reclined earlier, but switched because it was a lot harder to clean with the fabric. 
  • She's still in the HC. She's content so I will let her be in there until she wants to sit in a chair. 
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  • JCMJCM member
    We have both out right now.  Sometimes she wants to sit in her booster & other's her highchair.  We've left the highchair out because I can wheel it around & she usually has breakfast in it so she can be in the kitchen when I"m unloading the dishwasher & cleaning up after her breakfast.  When we go out she's still in a highchair. The few times we've tried booster seats out it's been interesting to say the least.
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  • I just switched DD #2 to a booster at the dining room table, so the four of us are finally all sitting together.  I love it.  I think we kept DD #1 in her high chair a little longer, but not much.  Also, we didn't use a regular high chair for #2, we got rid of it before she ever used it and bought a convertible one so it would take up less space, and move over to the table.
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  • Until DD was about 13 months.  That was when she started refusing to sit in her high chair so we bought her a booster seat.
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  • DD is 21.5 months and is still in her highchair at the table, mostly because she's too short for a booster and can't reach the table if not in a highchair.
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