Need help in making decision on whether to have a CVS or wait with a ratio of 1:61 at age 40. — The Bump
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Need help in making decision on whether to have a CVS or wait with a ratio of 1:61 at age 40.

I am 12 wks & had my genetics screening last week. According to age I have 1:49 DS. My results were 1:61. We got preg via IUI, so I'm terrified to risk miscg with a CVS. I prefer to wait until 2nd screeng when my results will be 92% accurate as opposed to my current 70% accurate & then if necessary have the amnio. I want 'options' if there is something wrong with the baby & my husband disagrees 100%. I'm completely alone in this decision & I need advice pls. I have to make my decision by Monday of whether to have the CVS or risk waiting. This is probably the only chance I have at being a mother & I don't want to risk a miscarriage with early testing, but I also need to know to some degree the chances of him/her being healthy are high. I really can't wrap my mind around the 1st screening with a ration of 1:61 at age 40. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with those results or if I need more accuracy. So confused and completely ALONE. All advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Need help in making decision on whether to have a CVS or wait with a ratio of 1:61 at age 40.

  • I hate the NT scan.  I went with NT then amnio with Margaux, and I just had a CVS with this new baby.  No problems, no cramps, no issues with either.  If you decide to have either procedure, find a doctor to do it who does zillions of them!  Experience counts!  Ask your doctor (or whoever you choose to do it) how many miscarriages related to the CVS (or amnio) they have personally seen, that might help.

    Good luck! 

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  • i've had 2 cvs ... both problem free and luckily great results with both.  the peace of mind is priceless, and i'm very happy that i skipped all the non-specific screening tests.

    as pp said, mc rates really vary by doc.  if you see someone who does a lot of procedures she will have a much lower mc rate than a less experienced doc.   

    both my cvs were transabdominal ... they were not pleasant ... but not exactly painful, and over very quickly.  

    as you might guess, i am pretty pro-cvs.  but an important question to ask yourself is what you will do with your results.  dh and i were 100% on the same page that we would not continue a pg if there were issues.  so for us, knowing sooner was the highest priority.  we also could not deal with the non-specific results of the screening tests and had to have concrete answers.   so i would say that you need to weigh your 'need to know' and what you will do when you know vs very low risk of mc.

    good luck ... and i'm sorry you are dealing with this uncertainty. 

  • I would not do the CVS is you are terrified and your husband needs to be on board too. Also what will you do with the info? I would wait for amnio or the 20 week ultrasound. I am not doing the NT scan myself. good luck in your choice. it is a tough one.
  • The way the 1st screening is designed, it is supposed to catch as many positive cases as possible. The tradeoff is that is also produces a lot of false-positives.  60:61 chance your baby is fine.   However, I've been in your position- I had to make the decision to do CVS or not.  It took a long time to get pregnant and I did not want to make a decision that would cause a miscarriage. (But I did the CVS because my odds were 1:5).  I understand both the need to know and the thought of risk.  As PP said, it may come down to whether you would continue the pregnancy if something is wrong.  I'm sorry you have to decide this without your partners' support.  This is a great board for feedback and support. I hope you'll feel confident in whatever you decide.
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