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Intro and s/o WAH

Hello ladies.  Have a drink on me. :)

My son was born in May.  I am an attorney.  (I had my own practice and recently merged with another lawyer, so I'm now partner of a small firm.)  I will be working part-time (2 or 3 days a week) so that I can be home with my little guy.  

Now I have a vent about WAH.  I have had a home office for years and typically spent a couple days a week working from home, so I understand that WAH does not mean you are home to do laundry, clean house, run errands, etc.  I have known all along that I won't be able to work without childcare, so I have a nanny lined up for two days a week starting in September.  I have an associate handling most of my cases until then and have been doing very little work this summer - a little bit of case work, emails, phone calls, and a bunch of business management stuff.  For the last year I have been hearing how much newborns sleep and how easy it is to get stuff done when they are this young.  One of the women who told me this is a law school friend who completed her last semester, took finals, and studied for the bar while her new baby slept.  Lucky for me (ha ha), my little boy does not like to sleep.  He sleeps good at night, but barely naps during the day.  If he does nap, I can rarely put him down without waking him.  I can be home with him and spend all day trying to return one little e-mail.  

I never expected to get a lot of work done while home with him, but I sure expected to get more done than I have been able to.  Luckily my workload is so light right now, and I am able to work when my husband is home or one of the grandmas or aunts are over spending time with baby.  But I am counting down the days until I have regular childcare - if I have two days during the week to work without interruption I will be able to get all my work done and enjoy the rest of my time.  I have spent so much time lurking on these boards while feeding my baby, and it makes my head hurt how many people think they might actually be able to work at home while taking care of baby.  

Baby G born 5/12/2011

Re: Intro and s/o WAH

  • Welcome!

    I had a very easy baby, and it was hard for me to even check my work email, let alone get anything done.

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  • I know one of these people who got a lot done with a newborn, so it does happen. Her baby would lay on a blanket and would sleep all the time. Not my baby!  I could never get her to sleep!  She didn't like to sleep any time of day or night and only started taking legitimate naps (like of 45 minutes to an hour or so) at 5 or so months of age. I got NOTHING done for the first several months.   We hired a cleaning service and my husband had no expectation of meals until she was like 7 or 8 months old and I started getting things under control. She also wasn't one to lay on a blanket, in the playpen, or in a bouncy or swing.  To be happy, she had to be in my arms and on the move or nursing, and she often slept curled up in my lap after a nursing session -- I wouldn't dare move her or it would be endless screaming!  Even now, a good day for us now that she's down to one nap is if we get 2 hours.  But I can get a heck of a lot done in two hours... 
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