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PSA Cosco Scenera

I was at the mall today and the Sears there had Cosco Scenera cars seats on sale for $39...down from $54.  I know that they are not the greatest seat in terms of comfort, but they do have a farily decent rating and they would be good for occasional use.

I am not sure if all Sears had them on sale or it was just this location.   I looked on the website and they are still listed at regular price.

Re: PSA Cosco Scenera

  • they are regularly priced for $39 at walmart.
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  • Nice! We've been thinking about getting one for DH's car when LO is out of the infant seat.
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  • has them for $39 all the time with free shipping to the store or $.97 shipping to your house!

    I bought an Evenflo Triumph Advance for my car but we got the Cosco Scenera for my H's car and there's not much difference except for a little less padding and it's a little smaller. The Scenera had an awesome safety review on

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  • For some reason I thought they were $50 at much for thinking I found a good!
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