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XP: Babywearing help please!

I posted this on EFF too, but I have to ask my home board ladies. :) 

I want to be a babywearer- please help me figure out what the best carrier is for us. :) I have a Moby wrap that I was so excited to use, and baby girl pretty much hates it. She does not like to be confined at all, so being all tucked in there is not her style. She needs to be out and seeing the world. I'd love an Ergo or Beco, but that's not in the budget right now- I'm looking for less $100. She prefers to be facing out, so it has to have that capability. Some kind of ring sling maybe? What about the Sakura Blooms (in linen to stay within budget)? Do you think this would work with my independent, nosey baby? :)

Other suggestions are welcome!

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Re: XP: Babywearing help please!

  • Our LO hates the Beco so far (hopefully she'll like it when she can be backpack  style but she feels too small for that yet). She tolerates the Moby if I have her more on my hip with an arm out. I have had the most success with a ring sling and her facing out - kangaroo carry.

    I just ordered a beautiful ring sling and pouch sling (quick to pop her in, no adjusting needed) through Etsy, great selection and prices!

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  • DS is fine with the ergo, but since you are looking for something other than that, what about a mei tai carrier?

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  • We love our beco gemini, in my opinion, it's absolutely worth the money. check out ncbelle's blog though: https://www.becomingmamas.com/why-you-should-avoid-crotch-dangler-baby-carriers/ 

    sounds like a woven wrap might be good for you - that way, there are tons of different options and you can find one you and your LO like :)  and a back carry would face her outwards

  • Definetly check out NCBelle's website, very useful info.

     I love my Becco Gemini and as far as I'm concerned, was totally worth the money. We also have the Baby Nest carrier which is somewhat of a shortcut Moby but LO is too big for it now and the materials is too strechy so it sags. We also have the BJorn which I hate and DH loves, and a ring sling from Maya Wrap. I def love the ring sling but I don't personally think it's the best for long distances, especially facing out I can't get his weight distribute properly on my body so my neck/back starts to pull after half an hour or so of walking around.

     If you go for the ring sling, Sakura Bloom had beautiful ones for sure but Meredith and a few other ladies on here strongly recommend Sleeping Baby Productions and they are much more affordable than others.

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  • imageweelass24:

    DS is fine with the ergo, but since you are looking for something other than that, what about a mei tai carrier?

    We like our ergo a lot.  I also have a mei tai, but I don't like it nearly as much.  I got it on babysteals for like $70, which was totally worth it.  

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  • DS loves the Ergo we have. You can watch babysteals, thefoundary.com and gilt.com they have them on there frequently.
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  • Have you tried facing LO out in the Moby? Patrick doesn't like not being able to see, too. So I turned him out, and he can look around. 
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  • DS hates the Moby, but loves being in our new woven. He just melts up against my body and it is now a sure fire way for me to get him napping. Once I'm more comfortable with wrapping in general, I'm going to try doing back carries with him so he can see the world. I think you need to be careful doing a front facing carry with any kind of wrap because of the way it puts pressure on their hips and spine, but I'm not well-versed enough in babywearing yet to say that for sure. Definitely check out ncbelle's blog - it really helped me pick a carrier.
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  • Just like the pp said, a baby facing out is not good for their hips or spine.  However in a ring sling you can have them facing out in a kangaroo carry, so that may work for your nosy LO.Wink

    I prefer wrapping with a woven wrap.  I have mastered the front carries, now I am working on my back carries.  I still need a spotter to help me out, hopefully one day I will be like ncbelle - she's a rock star when it comes to wrapping babies on your back.
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  • Have you looked at your local consignment stores for a carrier?  We got our Moby and our Baby Bjorn for $20 each at Once Upon A Child.  Our LO likes both depending on her mood.  She likes to face out in the Baby Bjorn when she's not sleepy.  You could take your LO and try out all the carriers they have and see what they/you like (even if you want to buy new- it will let you try out different styles).
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