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If you did E.A.S.Y.

Okay this is going to be a little question heavy :) 

How long did it take before you seen reults?

DId you do the wake to sleep thing at nighttime and for naps? 

S wakes up at 5 every morning and takes horrible naps that last only 45 minutes so I started the routine yesterday to try for a more routine day before I return to work in a few weeks.

Thank for any advice.  I just want him to be able to nap better for his babysitter and himself and to sleep past 5 am for me :)

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Re: If you did E.A.S.Y.

  • We started about a week and a half ago? First thing I worked on was the naps. My main problem was that he was going down under tired and overstimulated. So... I extended awake times and made sure to have really low key activities at the end. He still tends to wake at the 40 min mark, but it is only to cry out for the paci and then go back to sleep. I usually have to wake him at the 2 hour mark.

    He has been sleeping a longer stretch at night as well, and needing less help to go back to sleep for the first few cycles. He is still waking a couple times a night to nurse, but at 18 1/2 lbs he is a big boy, and I don't think that will stop until he is eating a good bit of solids (we are waiting until 6 months.)

    A lot of our routine was close to EASY anyway, so we saw results pretty quickly, like within 2-3 days... there are still good days and bad days. 

    We still have early mornings, but that is more b/c our room is off his and the activity in the am when DH gets up for work wakes him. 

    We haven't done any wake to sleep (except by accident) and we have just started some pick-up/put down to go to sleep and try to extend naps. We unswaddled in the middle of the whole thing too.

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  • We were prety much on the easy schedule as well excvept I had to hold S for hia naps.  He sleeps pretty well at night.  Once he's down he stays that way til 5.  I just would like for him to sleep a little later.  Like I said naps are the hard part, he usually wakes up around 20-40 minutes into and hten I have to do pu/pd again.  I will say though this is only day 2 and his last nap he woke at the25 minute mark and I did pu/pd and it only took 20 minutes!! I hope it continues to work for you and hopefully for me and S.  I don't won't him to go through anymore stress than needed when he returns to his sitter.  And wow do you have a big boy on your hands!  S was 17 lbs at his 6 month check up!!    Your LO sure made up for being early :)  Thanks for the advice

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  • We did EASY for a few months earlier on.  DS's naps have never been ultra long (he seems to have settled in a 3 nap routine - morning 45 min, late morning 40 min, and afternoon 1-1.5 hrs), so the routine didn't help him lengthen his naps.  With that said, it did help with me learning his sleep cues and for him to fall asleep without being nursed.

    I've been extending his awake time, and he can go up to 3 hours, but begins to get a little cranky around 2 1/2.  We still have days where he'll either miss a nap by extending his awake time throughout the day, or he'll sleep longer than expected (never more than 2 hours) during a nap.

    He's been in a mood recently from teething and naps have been a little bit of a struggle, but we're working on it!  And he sleeps 10-12 hours a night, so I'll deal with the shorter naps, if I can keep the night routine! 

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