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If you have a cleaning service/person...

We have 3 kids (including my step son) and I recently went back to work full time.  DH arranged for me to have a cleaning service come to my house every other week, so twice a month).  It has been WONDERFUL and it is great that I don't have to spend all weekend vacuuming, etc.  However, I am wondering if its better to have them come once a month or continue with twice a month.  What do you do and why?


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Re: If you have a cleaning service/person...

  • Twice a month, the deep cleaning is easier to maintain for the person, so they don't have to start off from scratch every time they come to your house and they can do a better job freshening up your house. Think bathtubs, baseboards, blinds, etc. Plus, since you still have to do minor cleaning it will be easier for you to maintain the cleanliness of the house if they come twice a month. 
  • We have them come every 2 weeks because the floors can't go longer than that because we get cat hair and litter everywhere. But this service does a rotation so that not everything gets a full deep clean every time. That seems to work well.
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  • Jealous.
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  • We have a cleaning person, her name is Rachel.

    Coincidence that we have the same name? I think not.


    To clarify: I am jealous too. And I am the cleaning lady of the house.

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  • We do twice a month but I am considering going to weekly.  We have four pets and a baby.  It gets dirty.
  • We don't have one right now because I am staying at home for now but if I decide to go back to work then we will have a cleaning lady come every other week. My MIL has hers come just once a month and it gets too dirty for me (floors and bathrooms) towards the end of the month.
  • We have someone come every two weeks and will change that to every week when I go back to work in Sept.  I wouldn't recommend someone just once a month...they can be more thorough if they come more often.
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