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Fever out of nowhere

Yesterday around 1 I thought DD felt warm. By 2 she felt really warm so I took her temp under arm, and it was over 101 so I gave her some medicine. As the day progressed she seemed more and more uncomfortable. I was able to get about 20 oz of liquids in her fortunately, but her appetite was terrible and she slept most of the day. At one point her fever got just over 103 rectal, but medicine brought it down to 101.4 which the nurse said was reasonable.

I checked on her a couple times during the night, then at 5:00 a.m I went to feel her and her fever is totally gone. Is it actually over that quickly in like 16 hours? Should I expect more to come, or since her fever is gone without medicine now should she be ok? This was actually her first real fever in 11 months so I'm not sure about these things.

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Re: Fever out of nowhere

  • We had the exact same thing yesterday. This morning he's so much better and happy playing. I hope it was a fluke teething thing but still not sure. He hasn't been sick in so long and it just came completely out of nowhere!
  • we had that and a few days later her front teeth popped. hope it stays away and she's feeling better!
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    DD had her first fever around 2 weeks ago. it was the same thing - started around late afternoon and was gone by the next morning. she was very irritable though and didn't sleep much at all. wouldnt let me put her down. even though the fever was gone the next day i took her to the pedi to have her looked at and it turned out to be an ear infection. she also threw up though. 

    i think that usually once it's gone for a few hours it most likely won't come back. you might want to keep giving her tylenol today though.  

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  • We go through the same thing all the time, it's almost like he has a mini cold or something.  We just do Tylenol, an extra nap and a little extra TLC :)
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    I don't have anything helpful to add but I was lurking the other day on one of your posts and your DS looks so much like you...she's so cute!

    So, just wanted to add that :P.

    Awwww thanks. A lot of people are saying she's looking more and more like me. I'm like this ---> Big Smile

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  • We had the same thing at the beginning of the month.  DD's fever was 103-104 rectally but she was acting totally normal.  It would come down with medicine but then about an hour before her next dose was due, it would shoot up again.  This lasted for 3-4 days but she was eating fine, playing, etc.  My guess was that it was a teething thing but the doctor just called it a summer cold.

    Wherever it came from, hopefully your LO is done with it!

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    we had that and a few days later her front teeth popped. hope it stays away and she's feeling better!
    This happened with DS... His bottom teeth had come in with no symptoms then when his top tooth came in he had a runny nose and a low fever then it weny away after the tooth broke through... FWIW his 2nd top tooth didn't affect him at all.
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