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insomnia ramble

Oh this is killing me.. I've been awake since I got up to pee at 1:30.. tossing/turning.. just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep... I remember this happening before B was born.. but atleast then I could sleep all day.. not now with a toddler!! 

Still stressing over the decision for Monday's c section.. and am now leaning toward NOT doing it and going to see what happens naturally... I keep thinking what would my mom say? (she had 6 csections and was in ICU nurse).. and I think I know the answer to that.  So.. if I go a week past my due date.. the decision will be made for me.

I have been doing EVERYTHING I can to help kick start the process in the last few days.. nooky with my hubby...LONG hour long walks pushing my 30 lbs toddler in her stroller.. sitting on my exercise ball... squats, lunges.. even went to see Bridesmaids b/c I heard it was funny.. and read somewhere that laughter can bring on contractions. No luck.. no BH or anything....Any other ideas.. besides castor oil???!!

My friend who was due the same day (8/7) as me.. had her baby tonight.. a little 5 lb peanut.  :)  All along we thought she would go late bc she was so small and thought I would be the early one bc I am so freaking huge. 

all right.. I'm going to try to go back to bed....

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Re: insomnia ramble

  • Everything will be just fine.  :)

    I haven't had a hint of labor either.  My sister (who is a shiatsu massage therapist) says there are some spots on the inner thigh that are supposed to help with labor induction... 

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  • Do you know much about acupuncture? I see a practitioner regularly and fully plan to use her to help jumpstart labor if I go past my due date.
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  • Thanks, Pepper and Owl.  Been a very groggy day for me.. napped a bit, but not much. 

    I can try to call an acupuncturist I used to go to.. its been a while.. maybe I can get an appt...  Good idea.  Thanks!

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  • I can so relate to your insomnia rant!! My sleeps been pretty screwy lately.'re doing everything I'd do to try to start things in motion. One friend told me to drink prune juice (I don't think that's the best idea tho)! On a different note...I also have a very small pregnant friend who just had her baby 3.5 weeks early. Her doc said it can be common if you are smaller framed (in general) as the placenta "gives" more...sooner? I had never ever heard that....and not sure I believe it!! LOL! I hope you get some wonderful rest. *Labor dust* coming your way!
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