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Lesson learned

Today at Coop?s swimming lesson?s a little girl (about 2.5 yrs) was sitting on the side of the pool, her Dad turned his back for maybe 20 seconds and then screaming began....the little girl Alex fell face first into the pool! Dad was screaming, my heart jumped out & I was nearly in tears watching it happen.

Her Dad quickly  got her and just pulled her out  and she was ok fortunately but wow what a lesson learned for her Dad to never turn his back or heck maybe don?t EVER let a little girl sit in the side of the pool ever again. So scary to watch!

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Re: Lesson learned

  • Well I do think it's scary in some ways, but screaming and freaking out was unnecessary.  He was right there.  Other people were right there.   It was a pool not a dock you could get sucked under or anything.  Someone just had to grab her.   Freaking out and screaming will just make her scared in the future... so if it happens to you ever, try really hard to remain calm and just pick your kid up and help him understand what happened and learn from it.  

    Cooper has fallen in the little kiddie pool and in the lake.  Never in water over his head, but he's gone in face first.  He comes up and is fine.  I've been right there within 10 feet of him.  He's ok.  And he's learning about water.  

    And at Water Babies, they always had us sit the child on the side of the pool first and that was part of the process for them to learn how to enter a pool safely.  They had to sit there and wait for someone to tell them it was ok.  I would get in, then walk across the pool with my back to him, turn around, walk back and then say "ok you can get in" and they were taught to get in on their tummy and hang on to the side.    Of course at first when they were just learning, the instructor would be right next to the child so that if he fell or jumped in, someone was right there.  But I think it's a really good tool to learn about pool safety.  

    water is nothing to mess with that's for sure.  I'm glad the little girl is ok. 

  • I agree with Jill. However, if she got up and ran to the edge of another part of the pool with the intent to jump in and no one around......then that would be scarey.

    BTW, I was the one who caught the kid who did this at swim lessons last year. I knew him, he was a "runner" and had no fear. Mom constantly had her hand on him, but he got away and ran to another part of the pool with every intent to jump in. He hesitated just a second and in the second I was able to grab him.

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  • Scary, I think it is a good example of why you should take kids that age to swim class so they can learn water safety.


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