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  • I voted for BM with formula supplementation because DD gets the very occasional bottle (about one bottle a week on average.) I still consider her to be EBF, but I'm sure most people wouldn't. I definitely wouldn't call it "supplementing" though.
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  • I'm still EBF!  
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    Good luck to all my BFF TTGP Chatty Ladies!
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  • The results of this poll are surprising to me and encouraging.  In my area it is not as common to breastfeed and very uncommon to bf after 12 weeks!  This is great.
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  • Can I just give a shout-out to all the mommies who have stuck with BF this far? It will be interesting to see how this number changes over the next 9 months!
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  • I think the title of the thread may be skewing results since mommies not bfing would be less likely to open it in the first place.
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