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I wish someone (since I don't sew)

would invent a mei tai that you could swap out the front panel for a whole new look.  While I would love to buy more MTs, I think the 2 I have is my limit (unless I got rid of other carriers to get more MTs), but how I wouldn't loved to have a plain colored mei tai that had snaps at the "corners" so you could add a new look to it.  How cool would it be to just take off the design when you are ready for something new and just snap on a new one in seconds.  So, come on who will design this.  Here is your first customer.   LOL.  Stick out tongue

Re: I wish someone (since I don't sew)

  • I bought my mei tai from MeiTaiBaby.com and there is an option to "make it zippy" which is where you can switch out the panels. I read about it in the FAQ and apparently it originally was done with a zipper so that is why it is called "zippy" but that didn't work and it is actually velcro. I thought about getting a zippy one but my style doesn't change much.
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