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anyone with PUPPS??

that nasty pregnancy rash?? it started on my bum, and then traveled to my hands, up my was on my belly & legs.. crazy! they're giving me 2 anti-itch meds every 6 hours.. and i have some cream to put on... but i dont's soo uncomfortable..they can give me precodsoone if it's too much..but that's a steroid so my blood sugars might go high again.. ohh geesh.. this sux
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Re: anyone with PUPPS??

  • I am so sorry! I have PUPPS during my first pregnancy. I refused to take meds for it but I did try calamine lotion, cocoa butter, and a few other lotions and nothing worked. It did stop the day after I gave birth. I was super uncomfortable but I just continued with my daily regimen of a body scrub of crushed cocoa beans and hemp lotion. I did not have any stretch marks or scars from the rash. Just remember to tap not scratch. Wish you the best :)
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  • I'm sorry! After a great pregnancy I got PUPPS in my ninth month. Nothing really helped. The only time I was comfortable was when I was sitting in an oatmeal bath. I also read that a lot of people recommended drinking dandelion root tea and that it cleared up within a week of drinking it several times a day. After I had my daughter the itch  cleared up almost instantly. The rash went away after about two weeks, I know it seems almost impossible not to do but really try not to scratch, it just gets worse. Praying it clears up soon for you!
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