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37 Week Appt

Today, we had our 37 week appointment.  I was tested and diagnosed with GD at the beginning of my 2nd tri due to a variety of risk factors. Since the beginning of the 3rd tri, the doc has been talking about inducing at 39 weeks.  Originally, I was very against the idea, but I finally got used to it.  Well, today, she told me that since I have been able to control my blood sugar numbers with diet alone, that my weight and blood pressure are good, and since the growth u/s we had last week showed the baby average and not "the jolly green giant," that she is not recommending inducing me at 39 weeks, but waiting to see iwhen I have the baby on my own, but that we probably won't talk induction again until at least after 40 weeks.  Mentally, I know that this is all good news and it's great that my baby is doing so well.  However, emotionally, I'm disappointed as I had it in my head that I was going to get to meet my little girl in 2 weeks and now it's a wait and see game.  Again, I know that this is good news and I should be very happy, but, well, can I be happy and disappointed all at the same time????

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  • Hee hee!  Congratulations, and I am both sorry and happy about your news!  :)  Hopefully she will decide to come on her own around then anyway!
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  • That's GOOD news.. good for you for taking such good care of yourself with diet.. that's awesome that the baby is healthy...
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  • Pat yourself on the back. You did such a good job that she is giving you some good news. I know how hard the wait can be. Hang in there.
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  • I understand your mixed emotions but this is GREAT news, because now your girl will be able to come out when she is ready and that is the best way to start her life. 
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