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Birthday party activities for kids?

Before you think I'm nutty for asking for activities for a 1 year old's birthday party, I'll mention that we've invited a few friends with older kids (age ranges from 1.5 years to 7 years). I'm not sure how to keep them entertained. There will be 3 toddlers, 2 pre-school aged kids, and a 6-year old. We have plenty of baby toys, but I don't think they'd be entertaining for the older kids. It's probably going to be crazy hot outside (party is next weekend).

Someone suggested setting up a water activity outside (water table? small splash pool?) and letting some of the kids play out there. Does this sound like a good idea or a parent's nightmare? If we do this, I'd contact the other parents ahead of time so they can bring swim gear and anything else they might want.

Any other ideas? Our backyard is very small, on a hill, and there's basically no flat space with grass - we have a small patio and the rest of the space is landscaped.

We have a Wii - what's the age minimum for entertainment with that?

Any other ideas? I'm grasping at straws here!
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Re: Birthday party activities for kids?

  • We had four kids at T's first birthday (ages 1, 5, 6 and 8) and the older kids spent most of the time either playing in the house with the baby toys with the babies (and getting to seem all "big kid" in comparison) or generally herding the little ones and playing at being the adult.  It went surprisingly well and was zero stress for me to arrange. 

    I really wouldn't let it stress you out.  Are you going to want the party to be outside if the kids need much supervision at the water activity?    Unless you're all going to be outside anyway, it sounds like a nightmare to have inside and outside parties to manage.

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  • I think water activities would be a lot of fun.  We've been to a few parties this summer that had sprinklers, pools and water tables set up and the kids all seemed to enjoy them.  I would have art supplies and stickers indoors for the kids as well in case the weather is off or they want to cool off indoors.
  • Bubbles, balls, and hulu hoops have been recent hits at our multi-age group parties.

  • Ditto bubbles and balls for outdoors, and paper/crayons and Play-doh for inside - we had those on hand for a similar age mix for DS's first birthday party. Kids went nuts for the bubbles - it doesn't take much to entertain them!

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  • Oh yay, I like easy ideas! I have bubbles and play-doh, and I can easily get my hands on more crayons so we have enough to go around.

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  • we just put all our toys in the basement and let the kids do whatever, they were not bored, they ate, they ran around, they found their own "toys," such as an exercise ball, etc.


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