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GD- Cannot gain weight!

I was a little over weight to begin with... so my doc said I shouldn't gain more than 20 for the whole pregnancy.

I've **lost** 7 lbs so far.  I'm not even trying!  My doc lectured me 2 weeks ago... when I was down 5lbs.  I can't wait till he sees this week! 

Anyone have this issue?  How did you resolve it?  I really didn't think I'd EVER be complaining about this LOL

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Re: GD- Cannot gain weight!

  • It's normal for a lot of people to lose weight in the first trimester. I am not sure why your doctor would lecture you on that. You'll gain it in the second and third trimesters. I have lost 8 pounds with DS and this pregnancy also in the first trimesters and my doctors were never concerned. They only worry about gaining too much later on.
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  • I started my pregnancy about 15 lbs overweight and was told not to gain more than 20. In my first trimester, I lost about 5 lbs, and so I upped my protein intake. That worked, and I have gained steadily since. It is super common to lose weight early on. The weight will come. I am now at 20 lbs and not expecting to gain much more.
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  • I lost about 12 lbs in first tri. Gained it back in 2nd and now am up just under 25 lbs. Don't worry yet :)
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  • I was slightly overweight to begin with as well. I started the GD diet at 11 weeks and lost 13 lbs - I've only gained 1 lb back, so I'm currently still down 12 lbs. It's pretty common for it to happen when you start the GD diet since you're restricting carbs and sugar. If your doctor is very concerned, maybe he/she can help you find ways to increase healthy fats and add some calories to your diet in the form of protein.
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  • Your doctor should not lecture you about that.  Shame on him.

    It's totally normal to lose weight in your first tri and even more normal to lose weight with a GD diagnosis.

    FWIW, I've lost 5lbs and my ob doesn't care.  I'm not worrying about it and neither is she.

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  • I'm surprised you're being lectured. I'm down 40 lbs for the whole pregnancy and I have yet to be lectured.
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  • I am very thin and with my first pregnancy I only gained 18 lbs.  Never once did my doctor mention my weight or lack of weight gain.  My son was 7 lb 2 oz.  As long as the baby is measuring fine I don't think it is an issue. 

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