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Does anyone use Mainline Women's Health practice?

I'm a newly pregnant mom-to-be with my first! :) I have seen Dr. Cate Bernardini as my GYN out of the Mainline Women's Health practice at Radnor House. I know it's not like I can "choose" my OB who I will see every time and who will deliver my baby, but I was surprised when I was set up for my first appt. with the nurse practitioner. I go on Aug. 8 for my first appt. I will be 6+2. I'm so nervous, and just want to hear others opinions of the practice. 

I like that they deliver at Bryn Mawr Hospital, and that they do ultrasounds in the office.

Thoughts and opinions would help me tons! Thanks!  

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Re: Does anyone use Mainline Women's Health practice?

  • I use them.  I was not overly impressed with them.  I saw all of the doctors and Dr. Lu delivered my son. None of the doctors seem to talk to eachothr and each have their own (very different) way of doing things.  I will be switching practices.
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  • I go to Bryn Mawr Women's Health Associates (based on a recommendation from a co-worker).  I really like them so far, but haven't delivered yet.  I also liked that they deliver at Bryn Mawr Hospital.  I have to go to the hospital for ultrasounds, but that's not bad. 

     Best of luck to you!


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  • I switched to them in the last year.  (Before that I was with Chestnut Hill, which no longer does OB).  So far I'm liking them.  I've met with several different doctors through my two miscarriages and this pregnancy so far.  I found them all to be nice and they answered all my questions.  Dr. Lu was especially attentive during my mc's.  I think any large practice you go to the doctors will all have different opionions.  But I like gives me different viewpoints before I make any decisions.
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  • I use Mainline as well, the Rosemont office...I have mixed feelings about them.  There are a few docs I do not like...esp  Dr. El Mallah, he is rough because the office has switched to electronic records and he doesn't like computers so he does not bring your medical records into he was walking out of our apt. while I was still asking questions!  Dr. Dein is okay, although I find him to be a little arrogant.  Nurse practitioner Harriet is one of my faves....and although she cannot deliver your baby she is great for appointments, very knowledgeable and sociable.  And I met with Dr. Bernardini for the first time as well and she is great....and so is Dr. Lu!  It is awesome that they deliver at Bryn Mawr....I have heard great things about the maternity ward there from all my friends(they have a fridge with Dove chocolate ice cream bars for new moms, awesome!)....also keep in mind that it could be a doc from another practice all together that delivers your baby because Mainline splits the days they are not on call with another practice. 

    Expect quick appointments in the beginning (like 15 mins) because there is not much that they do at those.  As you get further along there is more to ask and more measuring to do so the apts are a little longer.  I am at 30 weeks now and they just started measuring my belly to check for progress.  They have told me internals will start around week 36.  And expect an internal at your first exam as well.  Also all of your major ultrasounds are done at Bryn Mawr Hospital, not the office.  I only had my first one at the office because I had no idea when I got pregnant so they use the ultrasound to guestimate.  Oh....and I am gonna be honest...some of the nursing staff that answers the phone can come accross as extremely rude...but don't sweat it because most of their nurses are super awesome! 

     Well, I hope some of this helped.....I would not recommend switching doctors...especially if you have been going there for a while since they would know your medical history.  They are pretty good....and I can't say I have any major complaints....and most of the docs are so nice!  Good luckSmile




  • Thank you so much ladies! I am quite nervous and excited all at the same time. :) My aunt is an OB nurse at Bryn Mawr, so I'm extra excited about that! Once I can tell her, I'll be able to get the inside dirt. LOL 

    It's good to hear about the different docs. I am technically Dr. Bernardini's client and will see the nurse practitioner next Monday for my first appt. All this baby-making business is crazy! There is so much to think about! :) Thanks for the advice. It's helpful.   

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  • I dont have direct experience with your practice, I used Bryn Mawr Womens Health and they were so-so in my opinion so I wouldnt necessarily suggest switching. But I wanted to mention that I wouldnt be too concerned about having the nurse practitioner for your first appt, or any appt really. In my experience the first appointment is a real let down consisting of a urine test and lots of pamphlets so you dont really need the expertise of a dr to handle that (however, maybe that was just my practice)! I had a mixture of drs and NPs throughout my whole pregnancy and I never felt like my care was compromised. I also had a "normal" pregnancy so the abilities of the NP were very sufficient for my needs. If theres a complication or you just dont feel comfortable with the NP, you can request dr's only easily enough.
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  • I have had two pregnancies with MLWH and have been very pleased.

    Their practitioners are fine for all of your prenatal appts.  All the appts. do are weight, BP, ask if you have questions, take the HB and then an internal if you need it. If you are having a smooth pregnancy, the practitioners are great b/c I think they tend to keep me waiting a bit less.

     Here are my thoughts on the docs:

     Lu- Eh, she's fine, not my fav. Not awful, either.
    El Mallah- LOVE him.  He doesn't like the comp. systems as someone mentions, but he has a super nice bedside manner, I can barely feel his internals, and he knows his stuff!
    Leone- She was a little too induction happy for me. I didn't want to schedule one and she was pushing b/c it was convenient for m.  Her internals also made me hurt like heck!
    Bernadini- LOVE her as well!  She is booked all the time and I usually wait when I have an appt to see her. I book her for my yearly, but for the prenatal appts, she isn't a priority unless you have a high risk pregnancy.
    Harriet- The NP- also a little too induction happy for me. I think she was too lazy to write up the script for the NST.
    Dein-I agree with the PP that he is a bit arrogant (and by a bit, I mean a lot!) However, he is now one of my favorites b/c I am 100% certain he saved my baby girl's life during a very scary delivery! (I was at the hospital all of 8 mins!)  He can be arrogant all he wants.  He is great in a crisis and I completely trust him! And after you have the baby,he calls your lady parts your "bottom" when he checks it.  weird!

    I do not like the new guy, Dardarien ....he forgot to get my vitals, couldn't understand my file and talked to me like I was an idiot!




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