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Preggers @ 37...

Hi everyone,

 I am just joining in. Congrats to all you "Soon-to-Be-Mommies".  I just found out Weds that I am 5wks preggo! We are really excited.  We have a 14yr old daughter already.  We are trying to decide when to tell family. I have an utltrasound my 7th wk, and thought we should at least tell our parents, but wait to tell everyone else & our daughter at 12wks.... Any advice!!


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Re: Preggers @ 37...

  • Welcome and congrats!

    I told my sons (18 and 19) at about 6 weeks when we found out. However, we are waiting until after the first tri to tell everyone else.

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    Thanks :-)
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  • Hi and congratulations!! Everybody chooses to tell at a different time. We told close family after our first ultrasound at 7 weeks. I told my closest friends after another ultrasounds at 11 weeks and we are getting ready to go public as I enter the 2T. We're just waiting until after a friend's wedding this weekend.

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  • Congratulations, and welcome!

    12 weeks is a really good time, I think.  That's what we did.  :) 

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  • Congrats!! I told my mom and sister right away and waited to tell a lot more people until 7w (after I had a doc appt), then I just "told the world" this week. :)


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  • Congrats and welcome.. we told at 12 weeks.
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  • we waited to tell the children in our family til we were maybe 15 wks only bc of twins being high risk. we told everyone after 12wks bc I was starting to show lol and parents at about 10wks. I didnt want to wait to tell our parents bc they would be our support system if there were any complications. do what feels right for you and your family. good luck and congrats!!
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  • we waited until after the results of our cvs for both pregnancies before sharing.  so ~12 weeks.


  • Welcome and congratulations :)

    We told our folks as soon as we knew (about 6 weeks) and will be telling my children from a revious marriage (ages 14, 12, 8) after the results of our amnio the second week of September. 

    After we tell the kids we will then tell everyone else - So basically we won't really be sharing until we are between 18-20 weeks.

     Its a long time to wait - but my kiddos deserve for us to know as much as possible before we get them excited :)

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