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Does anyone remember this school film

Remember in 5th grade (or 6th grade) when one day the boys were taken down to the gym to get "the growing up talk" and the girls were taken to watch a film that was pretty much a "welcome to the menstruation club" flick? I remember watching a film featuring Andrea McArdle from "Annie" talk about getting your period. 

Anyone? Anyone? Seeing the name Judy Blume reminded me of this for some reason.

I swear, the only first period info I got was from that movie & Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret (my God, the library had a waiting list for that book).  I remember the first time I got it, my mom didn't really say anything to me about it, just left a bag of pads in my room. I know she told my aunt about it, because when I came home from school my aunt said "Welcome to Womanhood!" I remember stomping off up to my room screaming "mooooooooom," LOL. 

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Re: Does anyone remember this school film

  • I don't think we saw the movie, but "Are You There God" was my handbook for puberty. I must have read it 20 times. I hope they have an updated version when my daughter gets to be that age.
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  • We never got that film, but I spent my tortured adolescence in a really conservative part of Florida.  I got my period early, too, and at camp.  I had no idea it was coming and I thought I was dying.

    Good times. 

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  • We had to watch one called Julie's Story...was it that?
  • Julie's Story is the one we watched. It was so weird being separated from the boys and seeing this movie and thinking "oh, no, I don't want this to happen to me!"  We also got the little booklet that I remember studying locked in my room.
  • I can't remember the title. I remember getting the little booklet, so maybe that is the title. 

    I wonder if they even show to the girls a similar film these days.

    I'm hoping there's an updated version of Are You There, God... for my daughter when she gets to that age. I remember pretty much wearing out the copy I borrowed. And I remember being oddly disappointed that pads aren't the contraption they used to be, lol.  "They talked about a belt--where's the belt!"

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  • imageSugarChick10:
    And I remember being oddly disappointed that pads aren't the contraption they used to be, lol.  "They talked about a belt--where's the belt!"

    Yeah, thank God for adhesives!  The belt sounds ridiculous.  I remember being worried about that too after reading the book.

  • Yeah, we had that one with the matching handout. I found the handout in my school box a year ago and had to recycle it, it was too funny! Most of my info came out of my mom's gyne books, they had pictures and were way more interesting.

  • I got my first period when I was visiting my sister. She still used a belt and I had to use her supplies....OMG what total suckage that was!
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  • I remember seeing a film, but I don't remember what it was. 

    I also remember being in high school health class and our teacher asked one of the boys how long the average woman's period was.  He got confused and said, "28 days."  Our teacher was kind of no-nonsense and said, "If a woman bled for 28 days, she'd be dead!"  I can still remember that boy's face...he wanted to crawl under the desk!

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