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Pregnant after 35

My wishful thinking....LOL

Every morning I try to wake up take my little pooker nut doglets for a walk.

Every morning I fail miserably at rising before 6:45.

Every morning I walk bleary eyed to the bathroom half way through the basement of the "apartment we are staying in - sneezing and panicking the whole way that I may leave a puddle on the ground before making it the toilet"

Every morning I hunt for a shirt that still fits ok and a pair of pants that do not have a zipper and button. 

Every morning I attempt to get dressed and feel halfway attractive in the eyes of myself so that I can seem to have at least an ounce of confidence.

Every morning I watch as the father of my child drinks a lucious cup of fully loaded coffee with a look of longing on my face.

Every morning I walk to my train less than a block from my front door all the while dodging the free newspaper people and wait patiently for an express train to bring me over 60 blocks to work.

Every morning I get hip checked by some big mama that gives me a once over and barrels onto the train to slam her big fat a$$ into the last seat on the train.

Every morning I fantasize about taking my bag, umbrella, foot or fist and slamming it into her big ugly mean spiteful body multiple times while screaming that it's purely selfish and impolite to shove pregnant women out of the way in order to steal the last seat from her.

Ahhhhhh dare to dream!!!!!

LMAO - had to do it ladies - its Friday in NYC and the real doozies are out and mad that they have to work in order to keep their lives going. And he!! if it made at least one of you chuckle then I feel as though I accomplished my goal.

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Re: My wishful thinking....LOL

  • I like it! I love NYC too!!
  • Everyday I fantasize about the worlds largest coffee drink and that tingly overcaffinated sensation you get when you finish it.

    At least DH isn't cruel enough to drink it in front of me - he gets his from Dunkin at work.  I'd be in tears if I was in your shoes.

    That ice cold beer, however, is thrown in my face regularly.  Had the decency to give me a sympathy nod on that one. 

    There may be instructions to sneak a big ol bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc into the post-delivery room though.


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  • I just got off the phone with an old co-worker from my Wall Street days and she said something about people becoming animals in Manhattan by noon on Friday....How I miss those days sometimes!  I honestly have no idea how I would do it being PG, though. 




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  • I wonder at times whether I will end up in jail soon for A&B.


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