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results of 3 hour test

So I just got my results and the nurse said I passed. But when I googled what they should be I only passed one by one point. Now I am worried that it is so close and should I watch what I am eating. Could you please look at my numbers and tell me what you think?

Fasting 81; 1 hour-134; 2hour-144; 3hour 139


Re: results of 3 hour test

  • If you want, you could try to monitor your blood sugar off and on, just to see what they do. Watching what you eat may help, but it may not, because some of the healthiest eaters still have GD.

    I guess if you just wanted to try diet, watch your carbs and try to always pair carbs with protein.

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  • 2 different cut offs used - Nat'd Diabetes and Carpenter-Coustan




    Depends on what your doc uses.

    Good luck!

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  • If I were you, I'd be super happy that I passed, but probably be mindful of what I eat for the rest of the pregnancy.

    The diabetic diet is really not a bad diet for anyone to follow, in  my opinion. I plan to incorporate more of it into my life post-baby, and hopefully keep myself out of the Type 2 diagnosis later. I think that since you were pretty close, you could benefit from keeping the sweet treats to an absolute minimum, and minimal carbs. Eat lots of lean protein, dairy and fresh vegetables as well as modest servings of fresh fruits. It will only be good for you.

    But you should be happy! That drink has a heck of a lot of sugar in it, and it's very unrealistic that someone would eat that much in one sitting- unless you get a Cold Stone "Gotta Have It" or something. Enjoy your GD free pregnancy!!!

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  • I am going through this right now.  I passed my 3 hr but failed one portion of it and I am at an extremely high risk of diabetes due to family history.  When I went for my growth scan last week they said my baby was measuring 6.5lbs at 34 weeks and has a very large head.  I decided to check my sugar after eating a hot roast beef sandwich with a few fries and it was 130.  So I guess it's possible that I could have had late-onset GD or I am glucose intolerant.  I am now eating well and checking my sugars and they are in normal range, but I feel that the damage has already been done.  I will continue to eat well in hopes that she does not grow to be a 10lb baby.  I would just be mindful.  None of my docs said anything to me.  Hope this helps. 
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