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anyone else having high numbers recently?

hey all, just kinda curious if its me or something BS numbers have been well controlled the last few weeks and then all of a sudden they have been elevated the last few days. A few have been over my 120 goal 2 hrs after meals but most between 90-110's...i'm not sure if its stress (my nana passed away this week), the awful heat, or just a fluke with my hormone levels. I have definitely had more BH contractions this week as well. Could the two be related? I'm not sure. Just wanted to get some feedback :) TY!

Re: anyone else having high numbers recently?

  • It could definitely be related to stress and heat. I found that the heat has definitely made my readings higher.

     I'm so sorry about your Nana.

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  • It could be any number of things. I've read that stress can cause the numbers to creep up, as well as heat/dehydration. I know we all hate to hear this, but try drinking more water and stay as cool as possible.

    I would talk to your doctor at your next visit. Or use the protocol they laid out- mine said if I have three days in a row with high numbers, to call them.

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  • thanks everyone for your advice and numbers have been better today but still higher than they usually are in the 90's, definitely have tried drinking more water which def seems to be helping...hope everyone has a great weekend :)
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