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Sharing from my month board- Scare tonight!

Hey ladies, I posted this on my month board and thought I'd share here too:

My LO was almost delivered tonight!  I was having the NST earlier and I guess it picked up a contraction (that I didnt feel) and at that time the baby's heart rate fell.  After that, I had an ultrasound and the baby is not getting the nutrition he should, he is right under the 10th percentile mark and is having some asymetrical growth (head growing bigger than belly, etc) and weighs in at aproximately 3 lb 6-8 oz.

The perinatal doc was considering delivering him tonight but ordered another NST and since that came back normal thought we'd wait longer and play this out a little more. 

At this point they are looking back to this morning's plan- start another 24 hour urine test tomorrow.  If the results come back and are about the same then they will let me go home on mandatory bed rest with a couple follow up appointments next week. 

This kid is coming soon!!!

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