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Pregnant after 35

really??? what an a$$

sitting on my front stoop ... minding my own business. old man comes by walking his dog.  

rubs his belly and says to me "any day now"???

i want to spit in his face, instead i say, (with quite a tone of irritation) "nope ... not for 4 MORE MONTHS".

instead of shuttingthefuckup, he says "oh, twins"???? 

way to make a pg chick feel great. 

Re: really??? what an a$$

  • o.m.g.

    I think pregnant women should be given passes for assualt and battery under these circumstances.


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  • MROWR!  fft fft!

    Seriously, sometimes I feel like saying exactly that to these dopes. 

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  • Oh, I hear you.. happens almost on a daily basis with random strangers.. just yesterday, in fact. (twins).. and MONTHS ago people at my school were telling me "oh.. you're not going to make it to August".. I'm due Aug 7th.. I stopped telling people my due date.. I would say.. oh this summer..." 

    Have to say.. a girl who I work with is due the same day as I am.. and is really super skinny and carrying really small.. she gets the opposite.. poor thing.  her baby is fine.. and healthy.  We took a bump picture and it is kind of funny actually.. b/c I'm so HUGE and she's so SMALL. :)  Everybody carries differently.

    I had a friend of my daughter's babysitter say how huge I was EVERY time I saw her (couple times a week).. this little old Italian lady... and the last time she did it (probably in april or may).. I said something like.."I really don't like it when you say that to me, so please stop... my doctor is fine with my size and my baby is healthy.. we're doing fine."  And she NEVER said another word about my size again.  It felt so damn good to say it to her.. b/c it ticked me off each time.  Who the hell thinks its a nice thing to say to a pregnant lady???!!!


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  • I'm sorry he upset you.

    My comments from strangers, thus far, have been friendly ones.

    My little bit of raincloud is that I do look a couple months further along (in my eyes) than I actually am.  Baby is normal sized, no twins, blah blah blah.  

    This week, sitting in the doctor's office, I chatted between two pregnant women (conversation struck up because we were all over 35).  One woman was just about my size and only had two weeks to go (I'm just now on week 18).  Another woman was due roughly a week earlier than that....and she was so tiny...I don't think I was that thin pre pregnancy.... so, I suppose what people are used to seeing, size wise, is what people go by when trying friendly banter with pregnant women.  

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  • I ran into an old acquaintance of ours last Monday.....

    He just kinda stared at me for a minute with that look of "uhhhhhhhhh what do I say George" on his face....

    I let him off the hook when I said "I'm 5 months pregnant DUMBA$$!"

    His reply was "Oh wow I thought you just got really freakin fat"

    I really wanted to punch him in his mouth or nether region but I refrained and but him a good life.

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  • People have no filter.


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  • bigv44bigv44 member
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    WOW! Don't mind idiots!!! I agree with Cheezface!



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