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Update: T&P for my friend

I think it was 2 months ago I posted about my friend being on hospital bedrest at 24 weeks for a shortened cervix. I've had a couple people ask how she is so I thought I'd update. :) she is at home on bedrest now and is 32 weeks pregnant!!!!! It's a huge milestone because her dr was hoping she'd at least make 28 weeks. Now it's just a waiting game and if she makes it 2 more weeks she might be off bedrest which she is really looking forward to since she has been couch bound for 15 weeks now! That's 105 days!
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Re: Update: T&P for my friend

  • Wow, that's awesome!! Kudos to her!!!
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  • That is so good to hear!  Thanks for the update!  Let us know when she has the little one!  I'm anxious to see when that baby finally decides to come out!
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  • Yay!!  Cervix vibes to the rescue!!
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    Yay!!  Cervix vibes to the rescue!!

    Both your friends news and this quote  ^^^ are awesome!  You'll have to update us with outside baby news!

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  • That is great news! She'll be in my T&P's still! Here's hoping she makes it through the end! :-)
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  • Thats great news.


  • Good for her!  Hope she's still sane after that much bedrest!! 

  • That is great!  I just was thinking about her tonight and was going to ask you on Sunday!
  • Thats just great news for your friend!
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