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Hey ladies,

I think its probably time I introduced myself.  I've been reading this board since my oldest daughter J was born in 2009.  I also have a two month old, P.  I also was on The Knot around my 2007 wedding (I was getting married around the same time kastle was, loved kastle posts!) and also get to read The Nest occasionally.  I only get to check the board out a few days a week, so I've always hesitated to intro myself and post a lot, but it feels like its time and I have a few questions I'm looking for input on.  I'm so sporadic I never figured out profile pics or tickers or siggys or anything!   I stay at home with my daughters now.  I used to work in higher education and I would love to get back into it some day.  My H and I both went to JMU (I know there are some other Dukes around here somewhere!).  We live in Loudoun Co and moved here about two years ago from MoCo.  Anyway, I'll try to get my questions posted later, but until then I wanted to say hi.

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