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Finding/interviewing OB offices and Hospitals

I won't bore you with the whole background of my story.  

I'm 41 years old so automatically considered high risk.  I have three adult children (21y, 20y and 19y).  The first child was c-section (placenta previa) followed by two uneventful, healthy VBAC.  All were delivered at the same hospital by the same OB.  Using the *same* OB, informed that his hospital no longer allows VBAC - tells me in his opinion that there is *no* reason I need a c-section.  Course he also said that the hospital could actually refuse me if they know I'm a former c-sectioner and just "show up"....He suggests a couple doctors in the city....none of them will consider me without records to look at...of course the hospital has purged all of my records.

Our state is difficult for VBACs and is currently listed as the state with the highest c-section rate.  Word of mouth recommendations/stories state that most docs here that will say they are willing to try have ended up really pushing c-sections for women in my position.  No clue if they were necessary or not...just that reputations are out there.

Finding a hospital is just about as you have to match up both doc and hospital.

Homebirth is out of the question.

Birthing Centers are not allowed to accept VBACs.


I'm 18 weeks today.  Due December 30th according to ultra sounds, December 15th if my doc is going by uterus and cycles (I'm not regular in my cycles, so I guestimated because they pushed the issue). 


With all the roadblocks and discouraging word of mouth things, I froze on moving forward and/or fighting.  

I don't want to wait further and have to get a move on with finding a new doctor and hospital.


Can you *please* advise me?  I'm creating a list of OBs in my insurance and will be cold-calling them.  I can't afford and don't want an in-house visit interview...I want to ask some really pointed questions over the phone to their offices, and decide from there who to make appointments with.  

Any screening question advice would be so wonderful to hear.

Too, I want to visit some of our area hospitals (I've never done this).  Can you just walk in?  Do you ask to speak to the head nurse or a floor administrator, do I call ahead for a tour?  Are there questions/screening that you can suggest for that?  

And what about dulas?  I know of zero people who've used one...but I think I know of a friend of a friend (DH has had a bad experience with her...she's ultra homebirth militant and turned him off of the whole thing with her anti-hospital/doctor speeches).  

Thanks - I suppose these are really elementary...but any guidance and steps you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Sigh. I miss the just show up and have a baby days. 

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Re: Finding/interviewing OB offices and Hospitals



    Check out this site. It has a lot of info on everything you asks about and somewhere in there is a link to VBC friendly hospitals/OBs though I can't seem to find it right now. 


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  • I have no real advice, but a good (non-militant freakazoid) doula could probably help you.  I wish I had more information...  :(
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  • Try this site as well:

    ICAN started as a listserve and has helped women find VBAC friendly caregivers and hospitals around the country.  There are forums on this site where you could ask for VBAC friendly providers.  They should also be able to give you a list of questions for the doctors and hospitals in your area.

    Have you considered posting this question on the VBAC board on the Bump?

    My friends in DC used a doula for their hospital delivery.  They interviewed several and wound up going with the least militant, least judgmental doula and were very happy with her. 

    Dona International is a doula org that will help you locate a doula in your area.

    I'm sorry your husband is so against home birth.  Perhaps if he was exposed to other points of view about it other than the militant friend he might change his mind.  Friend of ours (also in DC) just had a home birth.  The husband was really against it at first, but came around and now he is a total convert. 

    One compromise approach between a home birth and a hospital delivery is to labor at home with a midwife's supervision, and when you get close to ready to push, then show up at the hospital.  It makes it too late for them to section you, but you are there should anything go wrong.  

    Regarding hospital tours - our local hospital delivery wards book group tours a few times a week. 

    Good luck and please keep us updated on what you learn and decide.  

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