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Health/Fitness/WL/WW Check In

How is it going this week? Challenges/goals/weigh in?

QOTD: how do you keep yourself from unnecessary snacking?

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Re: Health/Fitness/WL/WW Check In

  • Challenges: Too many LATE dinners this week. It makes me uber hungry and by the time we go to eat I pig out an/or order whatever sounds good if we are out to eat regardless of points.

    Goals: To add in one day a week of exercise. Inknow it does not sound like much but I am a baby steps type person and finidng time for one day a week is going to be hard enough.

    Weigh In: I weighed in at 256.4 which is a loss of 3.4 lbs!

    QOTD: I have a stash of blow pops in my desk. The one point is not a big deal to me since it lasts almost 2 hours between sucker and gum so I am not tempted to snack at my desk! It helps with my long morning stretch between snack and lunch time.

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  • This week has been pretty good. I found the thought of this thread to be very motivating, so thank you to everyone who participates :) I weighed in at 177.6, which is almost a 3-pound loss, but I'm not too excited about it b/c (a) I knew I would lose some when the swelling in my legs went down and (b) I have been bouncing between 177 and 180 for months.

    Challenges this week: Nothing unusual.

    Goals: To get through the weekend enjoying healthy meals and taking advantage of summer produce.

    QOTD: I wrote this really long explanation, but what it comes down to is:
    1) The snack options around my office are high in points, so I mostly avoid them so I can have a larger or more satisfying dinner
    2) I eat a filling breakfast and nurse a coffee all morning
    3) I drink tea or buy a banana from the one place that sells fruit if I'm desperate in the afternoon.

    There is a guy in my office who keeps a drawer full of mini chocolate bars for anyone to grab. That drawer is one of the reasons I gave up eating sugar on non-special-occasions. Stick out tongue

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  • Challenges: I've been so busy this week that I haven't had time to do anything fitness related, just yesterday I had 3 appointments.

    Goals: Make more time for me to do something active (besides chasing kids).

    Weigh in: 154.4, down 2 lbs

    QOTD: I don't.  I'm barely able to feed myself breakfast and lunch each day because I am busy feeding/cleaning up after the kids so I snack throughout the day.  I will get to a point where I can feed everybody (including myself) so I can snack less.

  • "Unnecessary snacking?"- is not yet in my vocabulary. Sadly, I am addicted to an afternoon gum (calorically horrible)!

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  •  I weighed this week and I've lost 16 pounds in three weeks! :D

    Unecessary snacking: We don't have snacks in our house lol If I do snack it's some pringles. I'm always going though so I never want to snack. On weekends all bets are off though lol even then we hardly have unhealthy things, but I have been eating a lot of s'mores here lately. Oops. :) Three days at the gym for an hour and a half then power walking on campus to my classes and always taking the stairs. No more elevators :(  

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  • I haven't weighed myself.  You'd think I'd be down with nothing tasting good (mono!) but I've been eating a lot of sugary popsicles, sherbet, and juices.  We'll see. I'm more disappointed that this 10-week couch to 5K program I signed up for I may not be able to complete :(  I'm not thinking I should go tonight.

    QOTD:  I manage a coffeeshop so I am usually working through lunch.  Then I eat a really late (2 or 3pm) lunch.  So, that is lunch AND snack!  Not the most practical, but it works for me. 

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  • Here are my list of excuses:

    1. I was away on the coast for three days... eating out every meal :(

    2. Our detached garage caught on fire (it backs up to an alley) yesterday morning. So on top of a charred and smoke filled garage- we also have no power or water (I am actually GRATEFUL!!! We could have lost everything!) 

    3. As a result, I am staying with my parents while M is at camp with her kids.

    4. I had IUI #4 today all by myself. It went really well... BUT

     I am now lesson planning with a bowl of reduced-fat cheese its. Meh!

    I can't weigh myself on an accurate scale because that is at home, too. So....

    I am not weighing this week, I will weigh in next Thursday. Good luck everyone! I hope to have - #'s next week :)

  • I love that this thread has caught on!

    Update: I haven't weighed myself since last week, but I was weighed at a recent doctors appointment and I was about the same as last week. We were rear-ended last week and I haven't worked out much because I needed to get my shoulder examined and get into get massage therapy before I injure it more.

    Goal: Get my shoulder feeling well and get back to exercising regularly.

    QOTD: I snack on healthy foods, mainly nuts and fruit in between smaller meals.

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  • Am I the only one who never weighs myself? Ever. I have to get on the scale 1x a year for my employee physical and that is more than enough for me. :(  But then I have major body issues. Kuddos for you all for your hard work.
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  • I weigh myself once a week, if that. If I do it to much I become obsessed and hello eating disorder again. So I only do it when I feel like it and even then I cringe 
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  • I lost .8 this week which was a little disappointing.  I was hoping to lose more pre-vacation but it is what it is.  I suspect that I need to focus on my sodium intake to see more of a drop. 

    On the bright side, I got back my health screen results and despite being significantly overweight, I am healthy.  All measures were in or below the target range.  They did suggest I work on raising my HDL levels - anyone have success doing that?

    Challenge: too much salty foods.  its also going to be a challenge to enjoy vacation without overdoing the food.

    QOTD:  Water and sugar free gum.  I could mindlessly snack all day long if i let myself, so water and sugar free gum are lifesavers!

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    Am I the only one who never weighs myself? Ever. I have to get on the scale 1x a year for my employee physical and that is more than enough for me. :(  But then I have major body issues. Kuddos for you all for your hard work.

    When I don't weigh myself I gain weight.  Who knows if this is because I only weigh myself when I'm on track or if the weight on the scale motivates me.  :)  

    P.S. I'm so glad I don't have an employee physical, what is that about?? 

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  • Re: employee physical - i don't know if it is one of those things about working in a hospital - but every hospital I have worked in, we had to do it. It is a very rudimentary physical - weight/BP/basic check and then our annual PPD. And every year they tell me I need to lose weight. Really? I had no idea. Angry
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  • I didn't weigh myself for about 10 years, starting my junior year of high school. But now I weigh myself 2-4 times a week - always on Wednesday (when I weigh in), and otherwise just randomly when I feel like it. It keeps me on track, and I know how much daily fluctuation is normal for me, so an uptick doesn't bother me unless it hangs around. 

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