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Darn Anterior Placenta

So when we had one of the million u/s I was told - wow you have a very large anterior placenta. 

When I asked what this meant they didnt really explain much but now I see that it could interfere with delivery.  And it certainly does take away any kicking or movement sensations.

Poor SO is bummed since when he was a tad smaller he would shove his way to the front more and push or kick....now....nothing.  Barely anything is felt.  Occassionally he is a little active but all I get is more back pain and discomfort.  I guess he loves that placenta that much that he cuddles it.  Even in the last u/s you see his little hand appear to be lightly rubbing it. 

All I want is for us both to feel him moving more......

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Re: Darn Anterior Placenta

  • That reminds me, I noticed during my NT scan that they labeled my placenta as anterior. I meant to do some research.  I love baby wiggles, I don't want to miss out on those. They were my security blanket in my first pregnancy.

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  • I have that, too.  I am feeling movement, but it's just like small bumps and ticks, and mostly felt down lower, not on my frontal abdomen.  They never mentioned having a more difficult delivery, yikes.  What are the issues with delivery and anterior placenta?
  • It may be the placement of your (which can change) that might interfere. If it's lower. Mine is not in the way and my OB said it would only impact my ability to feel the baby from the outside.
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  • I have had an anterior placenta with both pregnancies.  But with both I started to feel movement around 21 or 22 weeks.  It may just take a little longer.  This LO is especially active and I feel her move all the time.
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  • As long as he becomes more active - so far he seemed active in the U/S but now he seems to be lazy


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  • Awww.  I had a big anterior placenta with M, and a more regulation-sized one with this new baby.  It took a while to feel stuff.  :(

    Still, with M it didn't interfere with delivery, so there's hope! 

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  • I had one with my DS - it really bugged me because I wanted to see a hand or something move across my belly.  My Mom bugged me constantly asking - does your shirt move?, do you see an elbow? don't you love feeling the kicking? - ahh - No Mom - I feel hardly anything!  If bug turns out OK - see my previous post - I am hoping I don't have the anterior placenta this time.
  • My doctor told me that I have an anterior placenta too.  I'm 19 1/2 weeks and just started to feel movement today.  He said that it could take a few extra weeks to feel movement but he said I would be feeling the big kicks.  I asked him if the anterior placenta was a bad thing and he said it was normal -- so I'm not too worried.
  • I had that with Bernadette.. and let me tell you.. a little padding right now would be nice.. this kid is pushing THROUGH my belly button .. hurts like hell.  Bernadette was sunny side up and had to be turned.. she did turn on her own after the OB stuck his whole ARM up there to turn her a bit.. but I didn't know it really interferes with labor.. I did have really bad lower back tightness.. those were how I felt the contractions with her. (back labor).
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  • Ack the back labor is my biggest fear.  I will tolerate him having to be turned.  I will tolerate his butt being straight into the air (especially since he seems to always have his butt to the U/S tech and his head on my spine) but OUCHY back labor just flat out scares the heck out of me.
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